The Internet is a fascinating place but let's face it, it's as confusing as it can be useful. This Website has a very simple purpose: Presenting you the best and most useful information about travel, work, accommodation and leisure.

Why those? Because we think you have to get out there and discover the world. It starts with deciding where you want to travel to (that's the easy part) but requires quite some effort such as getting the right Visa, having a place to stay, finding out if you can get a part time job while you're there and so much more.

So instead of browsing outdated Websites before you actually get to what you are looking for, we have done that work for you. We do it the old fashioned way, by having real people searching for and reviewing Websites - not by machines indexing the web. To each category we have added a list of useful tips which will further help you to get the best result.

Click the links to your left to browse the categories or do a direct search for a more specific keyword. And because we actually do care about what you think, please write us if you have a question or a suggestion to improve the site.

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